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Web developer

The Web has made a great change during the last years. When we had simple static websites, now we have Web applications that try to make user experience fluid and emulate a Desktop-like application. These has changed the way we have to develop websites, using REST APIs instead of templates that return HTML from the server-side, and using these templates in the client-side.

And a Web developer has to take part in this revolution and, of course, be updated. I have developed projects using HTML5, CSS3 y Javascript, with frameworks like angular.js and React.js

I also know how to layout a website with different sorts of responsive templates, such as materializecss (this website template) or Bootstrapa>. With these kinds of CSS frameworks, a developer is able to join the necessary pieces and combine your content with the graphical assets you want to show in your website, spending less time in creating your product.

I can also develop static-like pages, I adapt to customer needs.