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PHP Developer

Most of the pages you visit on the Internet have PHP as its core. It is also a very economical option to have a page on the Internet. The PHP environment is improving seriously due to the upcoming release of PHP7 and the amazing work the community and some companies are doing to make it a more professional language. Some of these tools are composer, deployer and frameworks like Symfony2 and Laravel. It is also improving in standards, thanks to PHP FIG, an organization to define PHP standards to make interoperability between applications and frameworks feasible and PHP The Right Way, a website with a basic collection of best practices that is worth taking a look at.


I am working more than four years as a PHP developer and, most of these projects have been to develop a website with different sorts of functionality, from intranet solutions to Web applications. PHP has been the mean to reach these variety of solutions, programming in this language almost on a daily basis.

This job demands being updated to the newest technologies and patterns useful to develop software. As I love this job it isn't a problem for me to keep updated, it makes it more pleasant to reach my targets and achieve a product with value added.


Administration panels

Tools to configure and customize your system.


Turn key solutions

Development of Web applications to make more feasible your targets.



Experience in API integrations, developing third-party APIs and designing APIs for a third-party.


Reports and statistics

Tools with several options and also query optimization.


Localized Websites

Multilingual websites, optimization and full configuration from an administration panel.


Backend Development

Backend analysis and possibility of refactoring or revamping your backend.


To make development more rapid, I have used several different MVC frameworks. These are the frameworks from more to less use.

And these are some of the libraries I have used the most.