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PHP7. The new PHP version is here.

PHP7 is here. Well, the final release hasn’t been released yet, but next 12th November is scheduled to be released so maybe when you are reading this post the stable final release might be released. And, what does this new language version provide? The killer feature promised is performance. Zend has published the next infographic where you can see how they announce a 2x performance improvement. This might be a half of servers, software twice faster, so it is a considerable enhancement for the whole PHP ecosystem.

Symfony2 is not slow

If you are working on Web Development you must have read eventually a benchmark. What several times is not that obvious is that the benchmark you read might not be comparing the different tecchnologies fairly, just because of time and knowledge constraints. And Symfony2 is not an exception, as a framework with several files and features it is always at the lower positions of the ranking. Even though, Symfony2 is not slow.

Functional PHP

Functional programming. What is that thing some software gurus talk about? I am going to try to explain it with a basic example in PHP to show you how you can use this paradigm for your daily work, demistifying its difficulty in the process. And, yeah, you can use functional programming in PHP, well, with a PHP flavour.