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Sliding Puzzle

Sliding Puzzle

App built with Ionic Framework and Angular.js that implements this popular and challenging puzzle. It allows you to play in two different modes, Basic with a partition of 8 pieces (3x3) and Hard, with a 15 pieces puzzle.

It is tested on Android, providing a native-like experience only using HTML5, making it easier for a developer used to Web technologies.

Regarding the code, you can have a look at it in its Github repository. Among Ionic built-in services, the app uses its own services, using dependency injection to properly encapsulate the different functionalities.

The most remarkable features implemented are encapsulated in the following services.

  • ImageCropper: using a canvas to create the cropped images and caching them to avoid redoing costly operations.
  • PuzzleManager, a service that knows which puzzles and levels are locked or available.
  • PuzzleMatrix, which holds all the puzzle matrix related logic, like knowing if the user has completed it or creating a solvable combination.

Due to this is not a difficult problem, the way the project is organized is an app.js file where routes are initialized, a controllers.js file with all the controllers and the services.js file, where all the encapsulated services are located.