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Plotpile - Write your ideas down and keep track of them. Digital notebook for novels, role-playing and personal journal.

Plotpile is a web app literally designed as a plot pile or a story pile. This application offers tools for very different sorts of users who will be able to write down all that information referring to your books or stories and keep track of it taking advantage of its symbol reference engine.

Plotpile is very easy to use. Its interface is very simple and it allows to create entries that can contain symbols. A symbol can be a book main character, a city or even a role-playing game character. Thanks to the symbol reference engine, it’s very easy to find all those entries where a symbol appears or navigate through them, making it simple for the user to remember what a character did or what happened previously in a place of the world or which were the events a faction was engaged in.

Plotpile - A versatile digital notebook.

These are only some of the applications of Plotpile.

  • Writers digital notebook, to keep track all the information of its story or novel. Useful for all sorts of genres such as fantastic novel, historic novel, define the plot in a crime novel, …
  • Text-based role-playing games, making it possible for different users to collaborate in the same world and define the symbols in it with the help of plugins to define different stats for the story characters.
  • Digital journal.
  • Knowledge base storage.
  • Anything you can think of!

Trial and project status.

The project is stil in development but in beta status. Any type of suggestion is welcome, don’t hesitate to contact me for any suggestion, feature request or full-usable application.